Dear Friends,

I’ve filed for re-election as your State Treasurer.

The honor and privilege of serving you is humbling and energizing, and I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity.

It is rewarding to be known as “the Taxpayer’s Friend”; but is not easy. The voters believe in my platform of transparency, accountability and fighting fraud, waste and abuse but there are a lot of people hovering around the State House that don’t share your ideals.

They think your money is their money and they don’t like those of us that stand-up to them. Just like in DC, it is a never-ending battle and I need your help.

Campaigns are expensive and as a reformer I have to be ready for anything and everything. Those that want your hard-earned tax dollars are always working to defeat a friend of the taxpayers.

You can invest as little as $10 or as much $3500.00, I value every penny of your support and will spend it carefully.

Can I count on you?

Best wishes for your health and prosperity,


Curtis M. Loftis, Jr

State Treasurer of South Carolina

Loftis for Treasurer

701 Gervais St, Suite 150

Box 135

Columbia, SC 29201